iSentry Security Surveillance

Transforms surveillance systems from passive to active

iSentry is the ultra-smart analysis system that learns normal behaviour and detects unusual activity in surveillance video.

Visit our Demo page to watch Traffic and Security Anomalies video clips and our FAQ page with most questions and answers regarding the iSentry Product.

iSentry has the power to do 5 things that other systems can't (click on the links below for more details)

 Detect Unusual Activity (Ultra-Smart Surveillance)

iSentry can filter out over 95% of normal motion video and only present unusual activity to operators. It provides excellent & unrivalled situational awareness and the ability to achieve an effective, immediate response.

 Multiple Camera Analysis and Management (MCAM)

iSentry handles large numbers of cameras by scheduling interesting video, allowing the operator to shift priorities to other tasks without missing critical incidents.

 Active PTZ Camera Control

iSentry can autonomously command your PTZ camera to zoom in and track the target. This ensures detailed images are obtained, all without human direction.

 Ultra-long duration video archives

iSentry forces low-interest video to be saved in a lower resolution or quality, reducing the disk storage space by over 90%. Imagine a 1.2 TB system that can store 6 weeks of MPEG-4 video for 16 cameras.

 Reliable outdoor left-Object detection

iSentry can reliably detect small objects left in busy OUTDOOR areas. iSentry can cope with almost all weather conditions, rain hail or shine.
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iSentry the Ultra Smart Analysis System

 Intergrated Surveillance Solutions

iSentry provides unrivalled situational awarness

Unrivalled situational awareness is an ideal solution for improving the effectiveness and reducing the cost monitoring surveillance video.

Security: iSentry excels in providing area security in busy environments, such as plants, car parks, highly trafficed areas and many other possibilities..

Unusual behaviour:  If unusual behaviour is observed, iSentry will immediately record the event and notify an operator to request their interpretation of the activity and the appropriate response.

Watch our Demo videos for iSentry detection of security anomalies.

 Raise Analogue Systems to Full-IP Capability

iSentry transforms existing CCTV systems into full IP capable networked systems

iSentry allows you to keep existing analogue cameras, cables and even PC-based DVRs. And it allows these components to be turned into a full IP capable system, driven by the iSentry software.

Low Cost: Because existing hardware can be retained, upgrade costs can be kept very low.

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