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Sentient AI is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Head Office - Port Melbourne

Telephone (03) 9646 3331
(by appointment only)
Postal Address
PO Box 135
Port Melbourne, 3207

Do you have a query relating to a “Sentient” DVR purchased from Maplins?

If so, I think you’ve got the wrong Sentient company.

This contact page is for Sentient Ai Surveillance Pty Ltd. We are an Australian-based software development company that develops video analysis software for enterprise level CCTV systems. We have no involvement in making, promoting or selling DVRs or cameras. We do not sell through retailers like Maplins.

We get a lot of queries regarding “Sentient” DVRs bought from Maplin. The product Maplin sells is from a different Sentient company. We have not been able to track down who the other "Sentient" company is. Sorry we will not be able to help you with queries regarding that product.

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