Sentient AI Logo
Sentient is a values driven company.

Our logo is based on the colourful African Malachite Kingfisher
Sentient AI Surveillance
The Egyptians used the kingfisher as a symbol of Integrity and Honesty, two key values of Sentient.

National ICT Australia
NICTA is a supplier of advanced camera technology for Sentient's work with Defence and products analysis through the NSST project. Visit NICTA Website.
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Sentient Software

Sentient Software

Sentient Software is the largest company developing Air Navigation software in Australia. AirNav VFR, our main product, uses the current Airservices Australia maps to bring you the best moving map and flight planner combination in Australia. Visit Sentient Software Website.
Sentient Vision Systems

Sentient Vision Systems

Sentient Vision Systems is part of the Sentient group of companies. Over the past 8 years, Sentient has developed and marketed very successful commercial products and developed computer vision technology for Defence projects. Our primary drive is the development of Artificial Intelligence software. Our specialty is computer vision and video analytics. Visit Sentient Vision Systems Website.