Our clients include:

Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) Australian Department of Defence.

Sentient has completed 2 projects with DSTO and is currently undertaking a 3rd project to deliver enhanced versions of the Kestrel UAV Vision system.

Sentient is currently in discussion with bidders for the BAMS/AIR700 project to supply versions of the Kestrel UAV Vision system.

Australian Roads and Traffic Authority

Sentient supplies all-weather left-object detection for sections of a major city roadway system. The RTA acts as a reference site for Sentient's ITS and Government customers. The Roads and Traffic Authority tested a broad range of competitors and selected iSentry as the best product to meet their requirements. They said:

"The RTA had a need to detect stopped vehicles on the M4 Viaduct and after testing some other systems has purchased the iSentry system as it considered it best met the stopped vehicle detection requirements for the situations encountered at that location."