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about us.

SentientAI  is part of the Sentient group of companies. Sentient is a Melbourne-based group.


Over the past 20 years, Sentient has developed and marketed very successful commercial products and developed computer vision technology for Defence projects. Our primary drive is the development of Artificial Intelligence software. Our specialty is computer vision and video analytics.

Our Mission.

To be the leading Australian development source for AI systems

Development of Sentient’s software started in 1999. Our goal is to develop a spatially-aware vision system suitable for autonomous robots. We have the right team of specialist, PhD-qualified researchers to make this happen.

We are approaching a unique point in time where affordable computing power is close to the required for complex real-time computer vision systems. The major limitation is the software. We believe there is an opportunity for major progress in AI software development in the upcoming decade that will bring enormous economic and social benefits.

We have identified a pathway to profitable vision systems and are uniquely placed to take advantage of this confluence of conditions.

Our team.

The Sentient Research and Development team consists of PhD-qualified, or Honours-level graduates in the fields of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. We recruit highly talented people who fit with our team philosophy and train them in the unique methods of the Sentient Vision System.

This approach has lead to a creative and innovative approach to developing computer vision applications. Our team has created several different, commercially successful systems and is especially good at rapid prototype development of new computer vision applications.

We strive hard to ensure that working with the Sentient team is a positive experience for the customer. And this is backed up by the number of customers who choose to come back to Sentient for future projects.


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